Sell My Digital Works Online – Info

If you are a digital artist and looking for a way to sell your works, then you have come to the right place.

Related imageSelling 3D and 2D works online can offer you a lucrative income stream. Things that digital artists can sell online are 3d models, textures, stock photos and even materials and shaders.

In this article, I shall briefly explain the best way to sell your works without having to worry about the business of advertising or the mechanics of selling your works. You can then make use of that time on creating more works to sell.If you wish to learn more about this, visit Trabalho Digital

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Prepare to Impress Your Potential Buyers
Impress your potential buyers by creating detailed renders of your products. You must spend some time preparing preview renders as they are essential for your buyers to see what they are buying.

Try to use render plugins like VRay, Brazil, or MentalRay as these will allow you to render at a much higher quality than the default software renderers. Choose the best angles and focus on the important details. Do a wireframe render, especially if its a game-ready model.

You can also render some close ups on certain parts of your model, so that buyers can see how much your details can go. And create one that works well as a thumbnail to be your main render.

Step 2: Find a 3D and 2D Resource Site
In order to start selling your stuff online, you need to join a 3D and 2D resource site that allows you to sell your stuff.

What are some of the 3D and 2D Resource Sites? The most popular ones are3D Export, Turbosquid & The3DStudio.

But which one of these should you join? My answer will be The3DStudio. And I will explain why.

3D Export was launched in February 2004. It is another site that offers you generous returns of 60% from your sales.

However exposure your products get is very limited. It does not have a big community as compared to the others. But it is growing.

In order to get more than 60% royalty, up to 70%, you have to sell exclusively in their website by joining their Exclusive Authoring plan. That means whichever products that you have selling on other 3D websites, have to be removed! And the percentage of royalty depends on how sales you can generate. You only get an additional of 1% when you reached a sales volume of $300+, 2% for a sales volume of $500+, and so on.